I love October

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This is so incredibly sexy. omfg (Malena Morgan and Eva Lovia)


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Naughty Halloween humor

What I’ve learned about life in the last year.

Life. Well the first thing I’ve learned is that you will never stop learning. People will come in and out if your life and the only advice I have to give on it is to take your time learning as much as you possibly can from each and every individual that you meet. Never burn a bridge. That is my second piece of advice. This world is huge and full of opportunity but at the end of the day it had always and will always be about, who you know. Another thing I’ve learned in the part year is never take for granted the time that you have on this earth. One day you are 21 and you have no reason to make any choices or figure anything out. The next, you’re about to turn 24 and reality will creep up on you out of know where! Next, don’t always pick the pretty girl. But always pick her at least once. She will show you a life you never expected and probably can’t handle for very long. And, most likely, after she is done changing you, you will change her. As for love. There is literally no rhyme or reason. There is no rule book. It can come and go. Be the best or worst emotion in your life. What I have learned in this last year is that it is, are for ready? All about timing. You might love someone that used to love you and now they love someone else. You can not spend months out of your life waiting for them to pick you. Why? Because they won’t. Live your life. Let them discover who they are and if it comes back? Then it was meant to be. But if it doesn’t, that means your other half, your new best friend. Is out there. Stop looking. Wait. Even if you’re waiting forever. After countless failed relationships and another year on my belt all I know about love is that it’s supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to be fun. They are supposed to make you laugh. Be close to your family. Become a part of who you are. They call it your other half because they literally have the features you’re lacking. That person might have already crossed your path but it hasn’t happened or it isn’t working? Don’t worry. Timing remember? Last thing, move. Travel. Get out of your town. Back to love, make sure you find the person that pushes you to be the best version of yourself. The person that realizes how short this life is. How big this world is. You literally get one life to live. In this last year I have made a lot mistakes. I have learned so much. And all I know is next year? When I write this, most likely I’ll be singing a whole new song. Life is about change. It’s about growth. Ask yourself. Did you grow today?

I don’t broadcast every high & I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have life.

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Oh my god

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Road washed out by flood, WA state.

This is so beautiful

Officially my new favorite picture in the whole world.

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I got my tonsils out and apparently when I’m on a high amount of pain killers I cry. A lot hahaha.

Hahahaah I can’t get over this